Paulo Moura, freelance reporter and Portuguese writer, winner of several journalism awards and author of ten nonfiction books, traveled for about two months in search of utopias in the great metropolises of Asia. Fascinated by the reading of the book that followed the trip, entitled Cidade do Sol, we contacted Paulo Moura so that he could facilitate access to the unintentional photobooknotes that the writer created along the way. According to Paulo Moura “When I travel, I like to take notes. Notes written or dictated to the cell phone recorder, or even image recordings, which are not exactly photographs, but simple “snapshots”, in the literal sense of the term.” The fact that the photographs were simple “snapshots” did not give them enough quality to be exposed, which we argued that it was exactly this characteristic, simple “snapshots”, that fascinated us and made us grow in the desire to place them under the gaze of the great public to have a more complete view of the trip: the cultured and documented look of the writer, through his notebooks and the simple and “instant” look of the imagined photoboooknotes.

And so the project was born, which takes its title from a photo of Paulo Moura taken in Hong Kong on a luminous scoreboard, which became world famous through the phrase “What does your revolution look like?” which was photographed a lot during the riots that occurred in that city in 2021 and in which the brutality used by the security forces to try to control the demonstrations was shown, photographs headed by that scoreboard with that phrase The project is developed between December 2021 and June 2022 through two exhibitions of photographs, one by Maria Ribeiro and the other by Fernando Gonçalves, both under development over the 7 months of the project and monthly “Conversas na Fábrica”, in which Paulo Moura, Nuno Nabais from Fábrica de Braço de Prata and a guest who varies over the months, will talk about Asia, travel and whatever else comes up. Programming to be followed in the social communication of the Incubator Photo Gallery, Fábrica de Braço de Prata, Paulo Moura and others.

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